Trench Coat Brigade

Trench coats are trending this season and we’re coming in hot with some of our fave trench coat looks. Follow along as we give you the deets!

Gail- happily singing in the rain

Trench Coat: ASOS Curve (sold out) similar here or here // Tshirt: Random website similar ideas here // Pants: Lane Bryant (old) similar here //

For my straight size sisters here are some options for you: Trench Coat (see Leslie’s cool option) // Pants // Tshirt

While those April showers bring May flowers don’t let those droplets rain on your fashion parade. Reach for a handy dandy trench coat to keep you warm and dry.

This cute little number is from ASOS Curve and I snagged it in a size U.S. 20.  This trench is a double-breasted style with epaulette detailing at the shoulder and combines the olive green and a plaid print which I think is so fun and original. The fabric also has a little bit a stretch but not much.

Now as a short plus size woman this trench is a little on the longer side but that’s nothing that a tailor couldn’t fix. 

For some added je ne c’est quoi I added this cool tshirt which is an ode to the blockbuster Marvel Universe hit Black Panther. Suffice it to say I was gaga for this movie and had to snag this shirt! To complete this look I added these white wide leg pants and sneakers.

Leslie’s Trench Coat Traffic Stopper

Trench Coat: Burberry, here are some more budget friendly options: here & here // Hooded Crop Vest: Zara (sold out, similar here) // Printed Sweater Vest: Zara // Shirt: Reitman’s (old, similar here) // Culottes: Zara (old, similar here) // Shoes: Kate Spade //

For my plus size beauties: Trench Coat, Trench Coat // Vest // Sweater Vest, Sweater Vest // Shirt // Pants, Pants, Pants // 

Y’all! This pandemic is not ending any time soon unfortunately, and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I’m going to start wearing my work gear rather than pajamas and/or jeans on a daily. I spent my hard-earned coin on those work-wear pieces and I know I can find ways to rock them and still be comfortable, relaxed, and look good too, and this look was the result!

I gotta admit that for a long time I was not into trench coats. I thought it was just something that could not be really fashionable or trendy (I know, what was I thinking?!). Well, my style is an ever-evolving thing, and my coat obsession took hold a few years ago and trench coats had a big part to play!

Trench coats can truly be a timeless piece, so a few years ago I decided to invest a in a good one. That was when I bought my Burberry coat. I love the classic lines and neutral colour. I took some time to figure out what length would work best for me and even deciding on which size to purchase -do I want it really fitted or a bit more relaxed, and this bad boy was the winner!

Fast-forward to present day and you’ll find me always looking for ways to reinvent pieces that I have or ways to just wear them differently. This is where the black hooded, cropped vest came in for the win! Adding this vest to the trench coat creates a whole new look! And since my Burberry trench does not have a hood, the vest provides that added protection built in! Gotta protect ma crown!:-)

For the rest of this look, I pulled out some of my former work wear and made it playful by layering those prints with fun flats. Side note, I am starting to have a hard time wearing heels (OMG!) I love my heels, but this pandemic has me in flats all the time! Thus, I will be refocusing my energies on investing in a few more flats and low-heeled shoes. More to come on that in a future post!

I just love this overall look because I am extremely comfortable, and look much more pulled together than I do in my pj’s!LOL  So, I said it before and I’ma say it again; pull out those work pieces y’all, and find ways to make them comfy and cute for your current pandemic life. 

And that’s the long & short of it!

Gail & Leslie xoxo

Photo credit: Roseline Bonheur


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