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While each day brings with it more and more hours of sunlight (YAY), the cool breezes of winter’s chill are still nipping at our noses (BOO). Check out just some of the beautiful size-inclusive coat styles that eShakti has in store for you to look cool without feeling the cold this winter!

Seeing Green

Leslie: Coat: eShakti // Jacket: TopShop (old) similar here // Crop Pants: TopShop (Hudson’s Bay) (old) similar here / Boots: Fashion Nova

For my plus size babes: Top // Jacket // Crop Pants //

Gail: Coat: eShakti // Sweater: Boohoo Plus  // Faux Leather Pants: Fashion Nova  currently sold out similar here // Boots: Addition Elle (old) similar here

For my straight size babes: Sweater // Faux Leather Pants

Can we just reiterate that size-inclusive fashion is THE name of the game for us and eShakti is a brand that understands that women come in all shapes and sizes and deserve to look good at any size! With customization offered on all their garments, you are ensured that you will get a piece that fits your silhouette! And if they make a mistake, because let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes, their customer service team will fix it in a pinch with no hassles! LOVE THAT!

Orange is the new black? Not any more! This coat with its beautiful teal colour have us shook! Boasting a kind of textured ribbing effect, and a heavy weight, this coat is great when the temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark and above. A little thicker than a traditional car coat, this baby will have you looking super cute while you drop off the kids, do that grocery run or run out to get some take out (all the things that we are doing these days!lol).

And when things get back to normal (i.e. post lockdown), you can wear this coat to the office and show your colleagues that you own more than just loungewear!

A Tweed that is Far from Boring

Leslie: Coat: eShakti // Sweater: Zara (old, similar here) // Pants: Zara (old, similar here) // Shoes: Zara (old, similar here) // Belt: H&M (old, similar here)

For my plus size babes: Sweater / Pants // Belt

Gail: Coat: eShakti // Crop Pants: eShakti // Sweater: H&M // Boots: Addition Elle (old) similar here

Sweater and pants offered for plus sizes are available in straight sizes

Speaking of loungewear, we have another little number that will fool everyone into thinking that you stay styling and profiling when jammies may be your everyday go to. This gorgeous, red tweed coat adds colour and style to those dreary days of winter and the monotony of working from home!

One thing Leslie just loves about working from home is that she only needs to look cute on a daily basis from the waist up for those video calls! lol That said, it’s sometimes hard to put on “real clothes”” (i.e. something other than pajamas when you just need to nip out and grab something at the store!). This coat is the answer to all our prayers. Throw this one on and you’ll look dressed up and like you do it all the time! Though please note, as it is not a very coat, it’s more suited to nipping from the car into the store and back.

With its classic style and lines, it’s a great piece that will work year after year. Add to this the fact that with the bold red colour, you break out of the winter norm of grey, black, and navy to add a splash of colour to those dreary days and it’s a real winner! And when we are released from captivity (i.e. no longer in a lockdown), you can pop any look with this coat from an all white jumpsuit to a multi-coloured printed dress or suit!

Blue Faux Magic

Gail: Coat: eShakti // Jumpsuit: eShakti // Shoes:  Aliexpress similar here

For my straight size babes: the same links apply!

Leslie: Coat: eShakti // Blazer: Zara (old, similar here) // Trousers: Zara (old, similar here) //

For my plus size babes: Blazer // Trousers //

Now for the star attraction! This beautiful faux fur blue/grey winter coat! Y’all if you want to stun on them, you need this coat in your wardrobe. It still boasts the classic lines of the other two coats however; it takes the coat game to the next level!

Perfect coat to dress up those jeans or throw on over a suit for a special event, this coat will have everyone wondering where you’re going and if they can come!

Warm and cozy is how you’ll feel wrapped up in this faux fur coat, but not stifling hot either. This one you could definitely wear as the temperatures fall below freezing and still feel warm and toasty!

Make a statement! Though we are in a pandemic and the places to go are limited, we need to find creative ways to bring a little light and colour into our regular routines.  Investing in outerwear is a great way to dress up those jammies, while investing for a time when you can be out and about again.

Tip: Sticking with more classic styles can allow for pieces to have more longevity which is so important particularly right now when some of us are counting our pennies more than we used to. Same goes for more classic colours! When purchasing a coat, if you are more concervative, stick with the more “non-classic-classic” colours. What do we mean by this? Instead of navy blue, black, and grey, go for reds, greens and yellows! Believe it or not, Leslie has had a yellow coat for years that she still wears every winter, and one of Gail’s fave coats is red and she lives in this coat come cold weather season! And one final tip, some of these “non-classic-classic” colours go on sale more quickly and more steeply than do the regular classic colours! Just another way to be fashionable and frugal at the same time! Don’t worry, we got you!

And that’s the long and short of it!

Gail & Leslie xoxo

Though this is a sponsored post, the opinions shared are ours.

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