21 Jump Street

Did someone say jumpsuits? That’s one of our favourite things! Having to basically get naked to pee notwithstanding, a hot jumpsuit should definitely make its way into your spring/summer clothing arsenal.


FKSP!!!! I have been dying to try a piece from this on-line boutique for forever, but was a bit nervous to take the plunge. Why? The usual concerns, I’m slim, will it fit my long torso because trust me when I say it ain’t a good look when that hot jumpsuit is trying to cut you in half from the crotch up!lol  Then, will it be long enough if I get it in my size which for FKSP is an  XS. I decided to take a gamble and boy oh boy was I pleased!

The sizing is true to size. I ordered an XS which was a little big for me, but it worked out. The length was perfect even with my heels that make me 6ft1. Thereis also a little extra in the hem for you taller ladies. It’s cotton so very breathable for warmer days and the colour looks wonderful in person. The only drawback for me is that it does get a bit crushed as it is cotton, but that is just the nature of the fabric.

My look was super simple, all I needed to do was add accessories and I was good to go! This may be only outfit that I find easier than rocking a suit as it’s a whole outfit in one piece like rocking a dress. If you want to get funky with this look, you could add a blazer, or a tank underneath.you could also wear a sexy bra to show off a little extra skin! (yes Mom I said wht I said!LOL)

FKSP also has some beautiful new jumpsuit options in linen for the summer. If you don’t mine the creasing that linen often gets, then you’ll love their summer collection (and nope, this is not a sponsored post). Hope you have a great summer y’all!

Jumpsuit: FKSP (sold out similar here or here

Plus size bombshells here is a jumpsuit for you – Jumpsuit 1 or Jumpsuit 2


Imma be honest with you – I’ve not always been a fan of jumpsuits. Since I have a very short torso the crotch would always sag down making me look like I was wearing a diaper….not a good look if you know what I mean.

Thankfully with this Reitman’s olive green number that was not the case. The cut is superb so there was ample room for my hips, thighs and booty. The material is great as its uber comfortable.

I’ve been a fan of Reitman’s for years as they’ve strived to offer all sizes for all body types. The one thing I would love to see is Reitman’s offer extended sizes and offer them in their stores. Other than that, I will continue to be a loyal Reitman’s customer…and no, I was not paid to say that.

Jumpsuit: Reitman’s // Pumps: ASOS old (similar here )

For my tall girls – Jumpsuit

And that’s the long and short of it!

Gail & Leslie xoxo

Photography credit: Roseline Bonheur


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